Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wedding Photos, Y'all! (Pt. 1)

Good news, everyone! I finally got my professional wedding photos back. Two weeks after my wedding I wrote a wedding recap while I had everything fresh in my mind. So with this post I thought I'd just share some more tidbits about the day of.

Satellite Beach, FL. This was the view from my hotel room. The weather reports leading up to the day of had been kind of sketchy, with it looking like the day would be at least cloudy, if not raining. As you can see the day was beautiful, and the temperature ended up topping out at 75°F. The only bad part about the weather that day was the wind. HOLY HELL was it windy. We gave up on getting any pictures on the beach that day because I just kept eating my hair.

This is the Pelican Beach Clubhouse that I spent 5 hours the night before and 6 hours the day of decorating. The reception was held here but most of the guests ended hanging out inside before the ceremony because of the aforementioned wind.


My table decorations, all hand made by me and my husband. I know it looks simple, but this stuff actually took so long. I'll probably make a post in the future about everything we did.  

"Love Potion" a.k.a. some OJ, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and whole bottles of triple sec & rum. I don't know if these ingredients make an actual drink, but I basically just bought a few juices that I like and mixed it all together with the alcohol my parent's had brought down. People were OBSESSED with this. I barely got a cup because the (multiple) gallons we made were downed by the time cocktail hour was ever.

 Cupcakes! My poor mom made all the cupcakes the day before, AND THEN ICED THEM THE DAY OF. She is superwoman. P.S. They were made with boxed yellow cake and flour frosting which people also loved. Of course we had to top them with little gold and pink heart sprinkles cuz LOVE.

Our cake. I admit, I totally underestimated how long it would take to do all of my DIY stuff and ended up with no time to make a cake topper. Oh well, because I made the freaking cake man. I used this recipe and it was delicious even though it came out a little sloppy (my fault, not the recipe). I chose cheesecake because it's my husband's favorite. People ended up wanting to try the cheesecake too, so I just let them have the rest instead of trying to freeze some. The great part about doing our cake this way is that I can make the same exact cake for us every year!

FIRE PIT! Ok, we kind of got in trouble for this because you need to have a permit. But luckily the fire marshall that came was chill... especially after talking to the two firefighters guests I had in attendance. We sorted everything out and were able to keep the fire going until the end of the night.

So yeah, I totally had my ceremony in a parking lot. It turned out to be a great decision on my part because, like I mentioned earlier, the wind was just too crazy on the beach. Also, I didn't want to get sand in my shoes. We bought this tent on amazon for like $190(?) and didn't even open it until the day of (oops). It actually worked out great though and I embraced the tackiness.

Sweetheart table, which was much more sparsely decorated than intended. My dad bought the "lucky bamboo" plant for us which I think is cute. Only one of the stalks has died so far... no one ask how my leftover succulents are faring.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DiGiorno Original Rising Crust with New Sauce Review

I really, really have to apologize in advance for the photos in this post. The lighting in my kitchen is so bad, and I'm just a horrible photographer in general.

But yeah, I tried the DiGiorno with the new sauce. Normally when I'm getting a frozen pizza, I take the longer drive to Target instead of Publix because Red Baron is ALWAYS on sale for 3 bucks and some change. On this day I was doing some late night grocery shopping with my husband and we wanted something quick so of course we decided to get pizza. I think this one was the cheapest that day, at like 2/$5 so we went ahead and got it. I was kind of excited to try the new sauce because in my mind I was like "and then I can go write a crappy blog post about it."

I don't remember if the old DiGiorno had visible herbs on it, but this sucker was covered. I don't really get herbs on top of frozen pizza. Can't you just put them in the sauce? It's all going to the same place. Don't try and act like some fancy neapolitan because that frozen crap you going on will never be able to compete with fresh picked basil.

Nope, couldn't taste the herbs at all. But what about the sauce, you say? Eh... it was a little too sweet for me (maybe it would balance out more with the saltiness of some pepperoni, which I don't eat). It wasn't horrible, but I don't think it was an improvement on the old one. I appreciate the attempt because I'm all for advancements in the frozen pizza industry, but this was weak. The crust is just SO plain. If I were to rate this pizza on a scale from one to ten? 5.73

Friday, March 14, 2014

Wedding Recap... for posterity?

In April of last year I wrote this post about the annoying things that were happening as I started to plan my wedding. Some things got worse (bridesmaid and guest list drama) and some things got better (I did a lot of cool crafts?). But then on March 1st I actually did it. I got married. Not without drama or hiccups either, but you know that advice you always hear from married people? That even with all the planning in the world, something is still going to go wrong, so just let go and enjoy your wedding day and it will all turn out ok? Yeah, that's totally true. You know what other advice you should listen to? Don't leave a bunch of stuff until the last minute or you will be working into the wee hours of the morning every night for a week before your wedding and then get 3 hours of sleep the actual night before and end up with exhaustion delirium and crazy red eyes to boot? Yeah...

This is the only professional picture I have so far, so I'll post it now and then make a photo post when I get the rest back (in a few months). Anyway, so the morning of was a complete mess. The night before we illegally went to our venue to set things up (I don't advise this at all, but we did have a really low deposit that we forfeited for doing so) and I thought that the rest would be a breeze. Flash forward to 12:30 pm and I'm still setting things up in my pajamas, and the photographer is expecting me at 1:15 to be fully ready for the first set of photos. Oops. My poor photographer... we really made her job hard that day. Nothing was ready when it was supposed to be, no one would listen when we were trying to do group photos, my husband and I are really camera shy, etc. 

After finally getting ready and taking some photos, I had about 15 minutes of down time to chug a beer and write my vows. Yep, I was so busy that I literally wrote them right before the wedding started. I don't think I'll share them here, but let's just say I got a pretty big crowd laugh with them, and didn't piss anyone off with lack of sentiment.

My parents drove me and my maid of honor (my husband's sister) to the ceremony site, and we passed back and forth a mini bottle of wine while the guests were given their last warning to head to their seats. We never had a rehearsal, so last minute I kind of just told everyone their order and sent them out the door when I wanted. Then I had to do my walk with my dad which was an experience. We talked and laughed, but as soon as I got in front of the crowd I just started crying. My nerves were shot, I hate public speaking, everyone was looking at me... so I just looked at my husband and lost it. I'm sure those photos will be a great reminder of how I ugly cried before I was even married.

My brother officiated the wedding ceremony, which I had written the week before, complete with a reference to zombies that I borrowed from another couples "I do's" online. I think the ceremony didn't even take longer than 5 minutes and we were out of there. One of my friends made this little collage on instagram, which shows my version of "fuck yeah, we did it" as we walked back down the aisle.

Then it was an hour of pictures in the freezing wind. Seriously, the wind was so bad we couldn't even take any photos on the beach. Which beforehand was one of the things I really wanted but when you're cold and your hair is getting fucked up, you just kind of compromise. Immediately after the photos were finished, I put on my hoodie and leather jacket right over the wedding dress. The reception was great, I cried again during my MOH's speech, we had BBQ for dinner, and drank a shit ton of alcohol. 

Afterwards we went with some of the guests to a packed bar full of old people getting DOWN. We finally got back to our hotel room at 2am, which was amazing by the way. I advise everyone to splurge on a great room because it was so amazing to wake up the next day and just lay around in our cozy bed until checkout. Also, definitely do late checkout. My husband woke me up at 9am thinking we had to be out by 10, but luckily we were able to just relax for a few more house and really enjoy our first sober moments alone being "just married".

I didn't want to sully up the great memories by talking about all the things that went wrong, but maybe I'll make a separate post later about that just for laughs. I'm not a very lovey dovey person IRL, but my wedding day was seriously the best day of my life so far. Now that I've made myself barf, I'm going to go eat some leftover pizza.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lazy Moon Pizza Review

Oh wow, what a surprise. My poor little blog is getting neglected. The sad part is, I have 7 incomplete drafts just begging to be finished. Yet today I start a completely new one in the hope that it will actually get finished. Here it goes...

Old Location
Lazy Moon pizza was a small pizza place nestled in the corner of a strip mall frequented by kids from the college across the street. I never really liked the pizza there. The slices were massive but I always felt that they tasted like cardboard. However, my fiance loved the place so sometimes I would let him drag me out there with a promise of cheap pints of PBR. I don't remember when but probably around a year ago, the plaza where it was located was set to be torn down. They closed their doors and promised to re-open in a new location as soon as they could.

Earlier this year they made good on this promise. Just down the road the new location opened and the word on the street was that it was amazing. I heard rumors that the line would be out the door and it was hard to find a place to sit which is exactly why I never went back until last week. I had been wanting to give them another chance but there is nothing worse than a crowded restaurant to me. Social anxiety coupled with a hunger for pizza... you have a death wish if you are trying to put me into that situation.

caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms

ANYWAY we finally went and I have to say the new location is awesome. It's over twice the size, the staff is just as great, and the pizza tasted better. I don't know if they've changed the recipe (my fiance said it tasted "buttery-er") or if it was because I ordered my slice well done but I found myself actually enjoying my slice instead of tolerating it. And they had growlers of PBR for less than five bucks!

Said growler
The new location has converted me, and I will definitely be heading there for pizza and beer more often. And just like that, post completed! Until next time...

Lazy Moon Pizza on Urbanspoon

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mostly Pizza

Welcome to the blog formerly known as I think the new URL is pretty self explanatory. Since my last post about pizza, I have been documenting a lot of it that I eat. What I mean by documenting is really just taking instagram photos, so I had to omit all the frozen pizza as to not annoy my followers more than I already do. And when I get pizza from the BIG 3, I usually always order the same thing/eat it before I remember I wanted to take a crappy photo of it. Anyway, I've got lot's of pizza themed post ideas in the works, but until then I thought I would do another instagram post and show you some of the pizza I've eaten this year. Prepare to be mildy amused:

1. Pizza Hut thin crust pizza with pepperoni and black olives on my "half". I was so excited that they basically cut 5 slices for me and 3 for my fiancĂ© that I took a few bites first.
2. Moon River's white pizza, made with mozzarella, feta & parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, black pepper and fresh garlic. One of my all time favorite pizzas.

3. CPK's spinach and artichoke pizza. This one is really good but I never get it because that place is too damn expensive.
4. A lunchable.

5. Even more riveting than the lunchable, here we have a cheese Totino's frozen pizza.
6. A slice from Lazy Moon with mushrooms. I don't really like their pizza but am forced to eat there every few months.

7. Domino's thin crust pizza with white sauce, topped with mushrooms/onions on one half and spinach/feta on the other. Took bites from each side simultaneously. Loved it.
8. Pizza Hut pan pizza with black olives. A classic.

9. Even better than the regular pan, here we have Pizza Hut's personal pan with black olives.
10. CiCi's pizza, devoured. Reference this post for a detailed read on my opinions.

11. Margherita pizza from Arte Pizza in Fernandina Beach. Great wood fired pizza.
12. La Bella Luna's cheese pizza. It sucked. That place always sucks.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wedding planning is the pits.

I've attended 4 weddings since I've been an adult -- which means I actually paid attention when I was there -- and despite that wealth of experience, I had no idea what planning a wedding entailed. I'm not one of those girls that have had all the details of their dream wedding planned since childhood. I mean sure, I always said it would be cool to have a pizza buffet and of course there has to be an open bar, but locations and color schemes and all that never crossed my mind. Unfortunately, now that I'm officially engaged and have a date set for my wedding, I have to start thinking about those things. There is nothing worse then having to tell your friends and family that you're getting married. The first question they ask is always "Where is your ring?" They can't even ask you politely. And of course they are going to verbally marvel at it and say something like "WOW he did good," but on the inside those assholes are sizing you up. They are doing a mental calculation of how much money it was, which OF COURSE is going to directly correlate with the type of wedding you will have. This is just just the beginning though. Next comes all the questions about colors and bridesmaids and dresses and flower girls and caterers and JESUS CHRIST. This thing isn't for a year, how the hell am I supposed to know all of that yet? And yes, they will ask if you about pastors especially if you don't believe in god.

The excitement of your engagement quickly wears off and you are completely drained of any happiness. Are you now a soul-less fiance with a "let's just get this over with" mindset? Good, you may now start planning your wedding. I don't know if anyone has told you this, but the average cost of weddings nowadays is around $28,000. I have never spent that much money on anything and I don't plan to unless I'm buying a house. You don't have to be a mathematician or a psychic to assume that I'm going the budget route. Cue hysterical laughter with tears steaming down my face: the appropriate reaction to anything having to do with weddings from here on out. Luckily, I still have 11 months to enjoy all the stressful, anxiety ridden, and sometimes impossible tasks that come with planning a wedding. Let's talk about a few of them right now:

1. Guest Lists: making a guest list is hard/someone is going to be mad
I still can't tell if renting a venue that holds 70 people max was a genius idea or the worst mistake ever. In the beginning I justified it by adding up the amount of friends I have (0) and family that would actually travel to my wedding (right now it's looking like 6, and 2 of those are my parents). Turns out my fiance has this huge "family" that consists of any person relatively his age that he's known for a while being his "cousin". Everyone in his family happens to have a butt load of kids. Also, one time he rationalized adding someone to the guest list by saying "She's old. She probably wants to come." Basically, he is no help and for some reason when you are planning a wedding, all these people crawl out of the woodwork and want to be a part of your lives again and then expect an invitation. I've just resigned to the fact that I'm going to be the scapegoat in all of this. People are going to be offended.

2. The Kids Dilemma
Speaking of angering people, there really is too many damn kids so we decided it would be an adult only reception. I'm sorry (not really), but I don't want to have 25 kids running around at my wedding. Especially because they are taking up precious space for people that could be there actually enjoying our open bar and free food. Maybe it's because I don't have any kids so they just stress me out, but I thought people would be happy to leave them at home for once? Man, I really hope people don't stumble upon this post and start yelling at me about how hard it is to find a babysitter.

3. Bridal Party: or how you assumed you would be in the wedding
I cannot stress how fine I would be to not have any bridesmaids. I don't really consider anyone close enough to be by my side, and I don't just want to pick a few random people so it looks like I have friends. However, my fiance has two older brothers and we decided they should be groomsmen. So I made the obvious choice to include his sister and my brother's wife on my side, just to keep it all in the family. Even after I tell people this they STILL want act abashed on someone else's behalf. A part of me doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by them thinking they are left out, but most of me just feels pretty good about the fact that no one can tell how much of a loner I really am.

4. The Big 3: venue, caterer, photographer
These are like the three most expensive things at a wedding which means that they are the hardest to lock down. All wedding forums are basically horror stories about how venues are booked for the day they want or extremely out of their price range. This is actually the one thing that was a breeze for me. I looked at one place, liked it, and paid in full when I found out it was available for my date (bonus: it's mad cheap). Now I'm trying to scour the internet for reviews and pricing information on the other two, which is practically impossible to find. Everyone wants you to call them and then set up meetings but my crippling social anxiety says no thank you. Hope you jerks like Sonny's BBQ (jk, you're not jerks).

5. Making people pay for stuff
Ever since I was a child, I've had some of block against making people spend money on stuff. It started with my parents because I feared we would lose our house if they bought me too many presents or something. Now they are paying for almost everything and it's basically killing me. I just feel bad about it. This may be an issue that only I have though, judging from the amount of brides who act like spoiled little brats. The hard part is that it's carrying over to other things too now. I don't want to make my bridesmaids spend too much money on a dress. I don't want my out of town relatives to waste it on travel expenses. Man, I wish I was rich.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm about to tell you something that will come as a major shock, a huge surprise, a real eye-opener, an unexpected revelation, something that you can't find on, and that is: I'm obsessed with young adult fiction. I know, I know. Don't say I didn't warn you because I did. Right there in the first moments of this blog post. ANYWAY, like every other girl in the world, I've been reading YA since I was very young and the content was too inappropriate for my naive mind. Unlike many well adjusted adults, I have continued reading these books to trick my now jaded mind into thinking I'm still young.

So, that vampire love story fiasco happened and everyone and their mom decided to cash in on the wealth to be had from this age bracket. Then these 3 little books came out involving a battle royale (hmph) and bread or something, which fueled the YA trend's flame, and we experience the birth of a new standard in modern literature: the dystopian trilogy. I happen to be a fan of this because I love dystopias, and three books is the limit of sub par storytelling that I can take before stabbing my eyes out. I decided to "review" some of these trilogies because no one is going to take what I say seriously, unlike if I busted out a post on classic Brit lit. Here are some of the series I have read and a few that I'm just getting into:

These books are about Cassia, a girl who lives in world where the Society matches you with your future mate. Cassia gets matched with her friend but then someone else's face flashes on the screen. She has to decide whether to go along with the choice the Society has made for her or to explore the other unknown possibility. I was pretty into the story at first, but the second book just goes buck wild. I just downloaded the third book and I'm pretty much anticipating a total shit show but I've come this far so there's no turning back now.

These are post-apocalyptic zombie novels that each follow a different female character all related somehow. I really hated these books, but I wanted to love them because I love anything having to do with zombies. Unfortunately, the characters were annoying and the love stories just didn't make sense. The books felt like they were dragging on even though they were quick reads.

In this world you have an operation to be turned pretty when you become 16. The main character,Tally, is about to do just that when she meets someone who has no interest in becoming pretty, and wants to run away from society. OF COURSE society is fucked up in some way, so there is a battle between freedom and control. I actually liked the first book well enough, but my interest waned as I worked my way through the other two. Ok, three. There is a fourth book that is complete crap and my advice to you is to pretend it doesn't exist. You'll thank me later.

I think this is the number one trilogy that people recommend as a follow up to Hunger Games. Basically everyone is divided into 5 factions, and each faction has a different job to do in society as well as a certain personality to possess. You must take an aptitude test to find out which one you fit into, and then make the choice of where you want to go. Tris just happens to show equal aptitude for three different factions, which makes her divergent. This makes her dangerous to the society and she must keep it a secret by choosing a faction and pretending she's normal. I liked the first two books well enough, but I'm scared that when the third one comes out this year it's just going to ruin everything. The third books in trilogies are always shit.

If you want to see what else I'm reading you can check out my good reads account:

I do not post my amazing reviews there, but I do give them a coveted start rating which most people would prefer over my rambling anyway.